healing on the home front

In the US, roughly 12 million people require some form of home health care, with costs surpassing $72.2 billion. However, the quiet, daily heroism that happens in the homes of chronic patients often goes unseen and unheard. As part of AAJdesign’s identity transition for Bayada Home Health Care, we conceptualized and initiated a project that provides an insider view of what happens when healing takes place in the comfort and dignity of home.

Photographer and AAJdesign Principal Jan C. Almquist and writer Ann de Forest traveled to 24 homes, both of patients and their caregivers. The result is a stunning book of portraits, profiles, and documentary photographs that reveal the care and dedication that enable each patient to live their most fulfilled life.

what we did

"Healing on the Home Front shines light on the beautiful relationships that develop in home health care. The photography is breathtaking and real. There are little moments that take place between two people that can be missed in a blink. But Jan C. Almquist (photographer) was able to catch them and share with me. This book is perfect for anyone who has ever had a caregiver in your home or is thinking about it."

Eric N. Welsh
Director of Brand Marketing
and Digital Innovation

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