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aacr annual report

The America Association for Cancer Research is the world’s oldest and largest science organization devoted to cancer research. It’s mission is “… to prevent and cure cancer through research, education, communication, and collaboration.” The 2017 annual report marked the 110th year of the AACR. This report simultaneously looks forward and backwards: dynamically chronicling past milestones and exciting new initiatives. It also puts forward a roadmap for the future.

Novocure has “a profoundly different approach to cancer treatment.” Using exacting applications of low frequency alternating electric fields, Novocure is using a non-invasive, proven approach employing sophisticated science in the treatment of brain cancer. The 2017 digital and print reports outline how Novocure is “building a global oncology platform,”showcasing the Novocure people responsible for the science and operations—and the growth prospects for using this technology in the treatment of other deadly cancers.

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AACR 2016 Annual Report

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