The American Association for Cancer Research – Brand Identity System

The American Association for Cancer Research Brand Identity System

AA&J is pleased to announce the launch of a new brand identity system and standards for the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), the largest scientific organization dedicated to the fight against cancer.

“‘Amazing progress has been made against cancer because of the dedicated work of researchers throughout the biomedical research enterprise, but future advances in understanding and treating cancer will depend on public support,’ said Margaret Foti, PhD, MD (h.c.), chief executive officer of the AACR.

The new logo is designed to be distinctive and bold, according to Foti. ‘There is a visual narrative, a connection between the ‘R’ and the ‘C’ that reflects the inextricable link between research and the goal of eradicating cancer. The green color of the logo implies hope, life, and growth. The tagline ‘Finding Cures Together’ conveys the essential collaboration between the AACR, its research partners around the world, the AACR Foundation, and the funding public as they all work together urgently to address this complex disease,’ said Foti.”

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